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Advice on Wooden and Metal Sheds

If you happen to have several pieces of garden equipment and want to make sure that they remain in good condition, then you need somewhere to store them. There are plenty of timber and metal sheds which are completely perfect for this purpose and depending on their size are not that expensive to purchase. As well as keeping all the necessary pieces of equipment for caring for your garden in good condition, you will be easily able to find what you want.

When it comes to wooden and metal sheds, you will have a large number of styles, shapes and sizes to choose from. But which type of shed you choose will depend on the size of the garden and what it is you want to store inside it. There are many advantages to be gained from installing a metal shed and the same also goes for installing a timber built one.

Many people choose timber sheds over metal ones simply because they look much better. If you are going to purchase a wooden shed then go for a hardwood one such as cedar rather than one made from softwood. Although these sheds tend to be more expensive they are far less likely to rot compared to softwood shed when it becomes exposed to the elements.

Although a wooden shed may look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye in the garden, they also need to be maintained. This means that you will regularly need to check to ensure that water has not been absorbed into it. Plus you will also need to regularly check the roof to ensure that there is no damage especially after the winter or when there have been strong winds.

Although metal sheds do not look as pleasing they do require far less maintenance. Sheds which have been made from galvanized steel do not rot, are totally weather proof and the chances of rodents actually taking residence up inside one are very limited. Plus unlike a shed made from timber these will never crack or warp and often will require no maintenance once they have been installed.

Another advantage to owning a metal rather than timber shed is that they are far more secure. Whereas breaking through a wooden door is relatively simple even with a lock on it, a metal one would be very difficult indeed. So not only is your garden equipment protected from the elements but also from would be intruders.

When it comes to you choosing the right shed for your garden, it is crucial that you select one that will have enough space for all that you want to be stored in it. So if you can choose as large a shed as possible on the budget that you have. If however, you are thinking of purchasing one that is more than 100 sq ft you need to clarify with your local authority what building permits if any you need for it.

Above we have shown some of the reasons for choosing either between timber and metal sheds for use as storage in your garden. If you are someone who wants to have a shed that is not going to ruin the look of their garden then a wooden one is probably the best option. However, if you want one for practical purposes and not have to worry about the costs of maintaining the shed once installed then a metal one is probably the best option for you. -- About the Author There are obviously a vast selection of garden sheds available to buy online which can be utilised for a number of uses in your garden. Metal sheds will last longer but may not look as nice as timber.
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