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Do you want to build a Tiki bar

Bring back summer and keep it all year round if you build a tiki bar for your home. When it's the middle of winter have a Laua to rid the winter blues away invite your friends, they might think you are crazy, but it will be fun.

Buying a tiki bar is likely to set you back a couple of thousand dollars. Eek the tropical feel comes with a hefty price tag! The good news is that you can build a tiki bar for a fraction of the price and do a good job of it too.

By searching the net you can find many tiki bar plans for sale. You must make the decision as to whether the tiki bar is for just one party or built to last a long time and bring much pleasure.

If you want the tiki bar to be with you always and forever, then it is probably worthwhile purchasing some plans online that will give you precise dimensions and instructions for a solid long life tiki bar.

If, on the other hand you are happy to have a temporary tiki bar, then read on and learn. First you will need a strong table. Any that you have hanging around at home will do just fine for the tiki bar.

Next of all nailgun and attach straw, wood slats or bamboo around the tables outside, Bamboo looks the most authentic but the other alternatives are good as well but do not quite have the same tiki bar feel.

First base your tiki bar roof with plywood and then you can thatch some straw over it or even palm fronds if these can be found. It is most practical to construct the tiki bar roof on the ground and then nail it up to the top.

After the plywood cover the roof with straw thatch or nick some palm fronds from the neighbors palm tree. First build the roof on the ground then hook it up to the top fo the bar. Now you can decorate, add shells, tropical flowers, tiki statues and anything tropical.

Glue sand on the bar for that just come in from the sea appeal, place a necklace of hibiscus or tropical flowers, get the cheap ones for each guest, and for evening ambience add a string of led fairylights.

Glueing sand onto the top of the bar will add a tropical feel and is very effective. On top of the bar you can place a wreath of frangipanis or float them in a glass bowl. At nighttime fairy lights can also lend a little bit of magic to the luau. -- About the Author Come to our Tiki Bar Plans website for Tiki Bar Plans do it yourself advice on how to Build a Tiki Bar for your own home.
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