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How To Preserve Your Brand New Automobile

There's nothing more elating than taking your brand-new auto away from the lot. We always assure ourselves that we are going to preserve our brand-new car and that it will always be spic-and-span. At heart, we recognize that is not completely accurate and there isn't a lousier feeling than when you get your initial scratch or stain.

That is almost every bit as painful as when the car is a couple of years old and you begin having problems with the engine and a trip to the car-mechanic is an every quarter or monthly engagement. Beneath is a few Pointers about how you will be able to keep your auto looking brand-new and functioning smooth for many years.

Seat covers or Stain proofing the interior - These are two very easy ways to ensure your car continues to look new for several years. Seat covers can keep your seats brand new, and can be removed quite easily if you want to impress your friends with the original interior. The other option is stain proofing or applying some type of scotch guard to your interior. This is nice because you can use your original interior every day, and not be worried about stains that will definitely cause your car to look old and unattractive.

Floor mats - I can remember the feeling when I had my first new car. A group of us were out and it started raining. As we ran to the car my heart sank as I knew that we still hadn't bought floor mats.

I was debating whether to have my friends stand outside until they could clean their shoes but figured they wouldn't be my friends much longer after that. Floor mats are very inexpensive and can give you the peace of mind that it will maintain your car's interior for several years to come.

Under body rust protection - We have all come across cars damaged from rust. The engine is reliable, the interior is spotless, but rust is beginning to appear just under the doors or near the wheel wells. This definitely causes your car to look old and unattractive it also causes your resale value to vaporize. Likelihood is that if you live anywhere that it rains or snows your car is susceptible to under body rusting.

The most effective way to prevent this is through rust proofing your under body. Ziebart represents one of the most reputable under body rust protection company that you'll come in contact with. They coat the under body panels and high prone areas to ensure that your car will look decent for a lot of years. As well, they do annual checkups and supply a great warranty.

Change your oil regularly - I know this seems like something that you could be stingy about. Maybe every 4,000 or hey what about every 5,000 miles, it's not big deal right? Wrong! I have recently met someone who has a car that is over 20 years old, and has over 180,000 miles on it.

The owner changed the oil regularly every three months or 3,000 miles (whichever came first). I was amazed at the condition of the motor and how many years the owner had driven this car without having any major repairs done to the engine. Think about it like this. Do you want to start adding a quart of oil every two to three weeks? What if you forget and the engine runs a quart low for a couple thousand miles? It can be very damaging to the maintenance of your car in the future.

Tune ups and preventative maintenance - Have your car tuned up every 3-5 months, it is worth it. Also, if you find that there is a small problem with the engine have it checked out. It can save you hundreds of dollars in the future towards the maintenance of your car. Let me tell you a very real story. It was my first car, I was just out of college and didn't have much money so a used car had to do. One day after a routine oil change I noticed that the temperature gauge wasn't working in the car. I thought, "I don't have the time or the money to go and have this fixed also; I will just wait until the next paycheck.

 It probably is no big deal." I had no idea that the thermometer that only cost $10 could be so important. Needless to say, my engine overheated and my car was back in the shop. A new clutch, and $500 later I had my car back. I wish I would've gone in at the first sign of trouble and saved $490!

Finally the obligation to maintain your new car is up to you, the car owner. I hope that the above-mentioned tips will allow for you to enjoy your car for a lot of years.

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