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Trying to figure out how to get more miles per gallon on your vehicle? The best advice for getting the best gas mileage is to service and maintenance your vehicles. We often get caught up in day to day activities but fail to schedule regular vehicle maintenance and by doing this we often fail to get the best gas mileage.

When was you last vehicle tune up? Has it been a few years or has your vehicle been running or idling rough including a drop in miles per gallon then you may want to consider a vehicle tuneup.

A complete tuneup with an engine diagnostic test is performed. Spark plugs and air filters are usually replaced and spark plug wires if found defective will be replaced. At this point gasoline and airflow adjustments are performed.

It may be found that your diesel engine has a defective glow plug or your gas engine has a clogged or dirty fuel injectors then your engine performance will be poor.

It may be discovered on an engine diagnostic that you have a faulty oxygen sensor that needs to be replaced or other sensors that help keep your engines performance and emissions at optimum levels.

A weak battery or alternator can affect your charging system putting more of a load on your engine and decrease your gas mileage.

Most tuneups done in a reputable shop will result in an increase in gas mileage. You could expect to see increases of 40% if certain components are replaced.

If your looking to do it yourself on a few improvements properly inflated tires can improve gas mileage a few percent.

 Replacing a dirty air filter can increase gas mileage up to ten percent. Adding a fuel additive every few thousand miles can help keep your engine clean but always check your owners manual before using additives. These are just a few items you can do at home or on the road that can help you get more miles per gallon.

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