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Would you like to know how to improve gas mileage while driving your car. Fuel prices go up or vary from day to day an globally some countries pay more than we do four our petrol. You could buy a hybrid but they cost much more compared to comparable vehicles. If you keep up on the maintenance and repairs of your current vehicle you should be able to maintain peak performance of he engine and in some cases if an engine diagnostic is performed and a problem is discovered you could find that you increase miles per gallon or kilometers per liter. If you live in certain countries liters per 100 kilometers is a standard and to improve this figure we would like to decrease liters per 100 kilometers. Regular scheduled maintenance and tuned ups should help you get the best mpg. Many newer vehicles only require tune ups around 100,000 miles or 150,000 kilometers.

You may not recall your last tune up and if you bought a used vehicle there are often no service records. Consider buying a used car from a reputable dealer or used car lot and often maintenance check and a tune up has been done. Used car dealers may not always do a full tune up prior to selling a used car if the vehicle is running well. If you have your doubts ask and if the motor is running a little rough then see if the will do a maintenance check and tune up free prior to buying that used car for sale.

Peak gas mileage will be consistent on your car or truck when your vehicle is taken in for regularly schedule service and maintenance checks including oil changes. An engine diagnostics check often can discover faulty sensors that may have a negative impact on your gas mileage. A perfect example is a faulty oxygen sensor that is replaced can improve gas mileage up to 40%. It pays to have your car or truck regularly serviced and an engine diagnostics performed if a check engine light comes on or you notice a noticeable decrease in gas mileage.

Always get oil changes every 3000 miles or no longer than what your vehicles owner manual suggests. Dirty oil can reduce gas mileage up to 2%. Other tips and secrets include changing out that dirty air filter. Clogged air filters when replaced may be one of you better cost replacement savers, a dirty filter you can increase gas mileage up to 10%. Taking extra weight out of your vehicle can also add miles you your tank of gas. The only other option if gas prices are eating your wallet for breakfast and you drive a gas guzzler truck or SUV is to look for used cars and buy one that gets better mileage if you can not afford a new car.

If you have read reviews on cars and buying buying a hybrid is out of the question and you have followed your vehicles service schedule found in your owners manual what else can you do to improve gas mileage? You are probably already using fuel additives or gas mileage charts to reduce miles and you know an electric hybrid is not cost effective. Gas additives can help keep your injectors and engine clean helping with gas mileage. Many fuel savings devices do not work but some do but it is tough to avoid the scams.

One of the latest devices that is gaining in popularity and getting mention even in the news is HHO gas. HHO gas can be generated from a HHO gas car kit or plans and blended with you current gas or diesel gasoline which may give you the best gas mileage ever. HHO gas generator is introduced into the intake manifold and most HHO plans or kits are easy to follow for simple construction or installation. Some refer to such a systems as hydrogen on demand. A simple HHO fuel cell is can easily fit under the hood of a car and in larger engines more than one cell can further improve gas mileage. This technology is experimental but because it can be constructed or installed at home most basic starter kits can be made for under 100 dollars if you shop around and price parts. HHO gas kits are helping people who implement this technology get the best gas mileage of 15-40% on average and in some cases much higher. The other benefits besides improving gas mileage is an increase in power and usually improved emissions.


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