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Use Car Wax To Protect Your Vehicle

A car wax is in simplest words a wax kind of a greasy substance which adds smoothness and lustre to the surface of a car. Car wax can be made up of various chemicals and is used generally after thorough cleaning of cars. A car wax chemical may or may not be applied to the plastic, metallic and leather surfaces depending upon the make of the car wax and it is always better to confirm the applicability of car wax to specific surfaces before its use. One can easily see the most expensive cars being polished with car wax and one should not carry a misnomer that only the cheap cars are taken care of by polishing them with car wax. It is basically because of the fact that car wax is so safe that people entrust them with such expensive and well maintained cars.

A surface in cars has to be freed from unwanted oxidation of metals, swirls, scratches, water deposits and other similar imperfections and hence a car wax is desired to be applied. Where a clay bar when used on a vehicle, removes only contamination, polishes remove surface imperfections. Some vehicle owners love to polish their vehicles with car wax and enjoy freeing the surface from imperfections and giving a vehicle a new shiny look.

Earlier there was a considerable difference in a car wax and polish. While car wax takes care primarily of the oxidation of metallic parts, polish is a cleaning compound that removes impurities from the paint which prepares it for waxing, sealing, or protecting. However, this difference is vanishing with the arrival of new hybrid products that help achieving both the aims with just one chemical applied to a vehicle.

Car wax ameliorates the gloss and depth of the painted surface which now appears to shine more and the new layer of wax gives more protection to the surface. Wax is available in the market in various types of basic chemicals like paste, cream and liquid etc. The most common and celebrated type contain carnauba which is a chemical containing high amounts of fatty acids. It is this fatty acid in the chemical carnuba that creates a shield between the paint over the metallic surface and the material that tends to form over it modicum layer hence the surface is protected along with a beautiful luster. Artificial waxes mix low amounts of cleaners with high amounts of UV inhibitors to create protective layer that inhibits the hazardous action of sunlight over the vehicle surface. Synthetic wax creates a high gloss while carnauba waxes give a warm and wet looking finish.

Scientist are everyday struggling to give more substitutes for the conventional chemicals for car wax. The ultimate objective of all these efforts is to develop an all encompassing product which give better protection and shiny looks to a vehicle and soon such car wax will be overshadowing the other products in the field.


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