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Take Care Of Your Car With Maintenance, Regular Cleaning And Car Wax

To some, car wax is like putting on cologne or eye shadow. It is not necessary, but it sure does make you seem a bit more polished. Quite the contrary. Car wax should be compared to taking a multivitamin or putting on sunscreen. It not only makes your car appear shiny and clean, it protects your car and can keep it looking new. Your car will perform better and last longer, if you have a routine of washing, waxing and keeping up with service and repairs.

Most auto experts recommend washing your car at least once a month. The surface of your car bears the brunt of the daily things present in our environment. Tree sap, dirt, and bugs get stuck on there and can leave permanent spots. (Do not panic if you see such areas after you wash your car, as some car wax can often remedy the situation.) Use a soft cleaning cloth that will not scratch the paint, if you are doing the job yourself. Do not use dish soap. Do not plunge your dirty wash mitt back into the soapy water. Rinse your dirty cloth before you put it in the soapy water. Thoroughly wash all areas where salt and other roadside accumulations may be. Many experts say to use one of those power sprayers a couple times a year. Just do not hold it too close to the paint. I am a bit fearful of those power washers, so stick with the old fashioned car washing method. To dry your car, use a waffle weave cloth or synthetic or natural microfiber towel. Get the car wax ready, now that your car is dry.

Car wax comes in many varieties. There are natural ones and synthetic ones. If you use quality car wax, you will likely only have to reapply every two or three months. A soft pad for applying the wax and a soft clean rag for removing the wax are your only requirements, in addition to the wax. Apply the car wax in small circular patterns. Once the wax clouds up, remove it with your clean cloth. Use clean parts of the towel to buff, to make sure accumulated wax does not end up back on your car.

While you are washing and applying car wax, pay attention to any new scratches, dents or rust. Most things can be fixed and are not a big deal, unless you let them get out of hand. Take your car to a body shop to have those small things repaired, or do it yourself. Be certain to get oil changes, maintenance check ups, and recommended service. Your attentiveness to the needs of your car, as well as regular washing and car wax, will keep that car humming along for years to come.


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