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Many people opt to repair their current vehicles rather than purchase a new one during uncertain economic times. Nothing can substitute for quality car repair if you want to keep your car operating well.

There are those cost cutters who prefer to do their own car repair, along with coupon clipping and discount shopping, to save money during financial rough patches. Minor tasks that a car owner can reasonably handle include replacing wiper blades, oil and air filters, blown headlights, dead batteries and spark plugs, and changing the oil. One weekend worth of work can save hundreds of dollars in car repair costs.

Gather a ratchet, oil filter wrench, recycling container and funnel along with a new oil filter, oil, and a clean rag, and you are able to do your own oil change. A simple radiator flush requires a Phillips head screwdriver or wrench, rag, radiator flush solution, coolant, funnel, and receptacle for the used coolant. If you have a set of needle nose pliers and a replacement valve, you can replace the engine PCV valve for relatively low cost. Regular do it yourself car repair projects such as these can ensure that your car remains in good form.

More complicated tasks are best left to the certified car repair technician, however. Take care, however, that you choose a car repair service that is honest and performs high quality work. Get recommendations from friends and family. Find out whether the car repair shop you are interested in has loyal customers. That shop should also use only the most current equipment and employ only ASE certified car repair technicians. Recognition from the ASE, or National Institute for Auto Service Excellence, is the industry standard for competency and quality car repair service. A certified 21st century car repair technician will be schooled in the latest technology and can service all manner of domestic and foreign cars and trucks. A thorough technician will check windshield wipers and fluids, tires, wheel alignment, and all fluids, filters, brakes, lights, and electronics. A regular service checkup can also include running a diagnostic on the computerized vehicle operating system, which is best left to a professional. Regularly scheduled routine maintenance by a certified car repair technician will keep your car operating at its best.

A car can last well past the 100,000 mile mark with regular and proper maintenance. The cost conscious car owner can certainly achieve this level of performance by maintaining a regular routine of self performed car repair combined with professional service.


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