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Replacing A Fuel Pump And Fuel Filter

The fuel filter can protect the engine from damage when it is maintained in perfect condition. A properly functioning fuel filter shields the carburetor and fuel injection from being clogged by tiny particles. The fuel filter is an engine component that should be replaced at least once per year in the average commuter vehicle. The replacement is accomplished in just a few minutes and the best way on how to replace a fuel filter is by avoiding skipping the fuel system pressure release step.

The fuel filter needs to be replaced every 60,000 miles. Replacing it is a simple job that turns messy when gasoline spills. The fuel filter is located right in front of the rear tire on the right side of the car. To access it the car is raised a bit with a spare jack. Disabling the fuel pump is how to replace a fuel filter as it reduces the amount of gas falling over ones head. A clogged fuel filter blocks fuel trying to flow from the filter to the engine.

The engine definitely gets starved without a fuel pump. There are many ways on how to replace a fuel pump including working in a well ventilated and open area. An electric fuel pump is replaced using tools like socket set, fire extinguisher, a large fuel catch container, flat head screwdriver, new fuel line, Philips head screwdriver, open end wrench set and a replacement fuel pump. The electric fuel pump generates a high fuel pressure for it supplies the electronic fuel injection with pressurized fuel.

The fuel pressure needs to be released before removing the fuel pump and its associated parts. One way on how to replace a fuel pump is by disconnecting the negative terminal to the battery to avoid any sparks. Fuel pump that mounts underneath the car is easily located by sliding under the car and unscrewing a couple of bolts that hold it in place. It will drop down slightly but everything has to be disconnected for it to come out of its insulating sleeve.

Those fuel pumps that are mounted within the fuel tank have to be removed from the inside of a car. The in-tank is accessed from under the carpet with the access panel in the truck or it is alternatively accessed from under the back seat. Disconnecting the fuel lines is another way on how to replace a fuel pump. The hose clamp holding the pressure side in is loosened and the fuel lines removed. The high fuel pressure remains present even after turning off the engine.

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