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Credit Rating How You Are Scored

Credit rating: - how you are scored.

Getting approval for any type of loan depends on your credit rating. If you have average credit rating, you will find it almost impossible to get approved. Itís possible to get good rating or even improve you credit rating.

Most companies almost use same rating system and if you are able to know more about it you should be able to have better credit score.

Your age is the first factor which itís almost impossible to do anything about. Yes itís possible to lie, but donít because it will make things more difficult for you in future if the creditor get to know. If you are between 24 to 64 years of age you will get one point. Any age bellow or above that will score you zero point.

If you are married you have chance of adding extra point to your score. If not, you still score zero as most creditors see you as a higher risk. Also if you have no dependant you will score zero.
But if you have between one to three you will add to your points. Here is how it works - if you have no dependant creditors believe you can skip town and not pay off your credit.

Creditors will also want to know more about your root. They will want to know where you live. Owning a home with a big fat mortgage or even without mortgage will give you more points.

How long you stay in your present or previous residence also adds more points to your score. If youíve move so often you will score zero point. However, if youíve stayed up to 5 years before moving, you will surely get more point. It shows you are a good risk to them.

Other factors that will add to your point are your years on job (the longer the better), kind of job, your monthly income, present debt status, previous credit history and your saving or checking account.

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