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Your personal credit report: - how you can correct errors.

People that compile your personal credit reports are human be like me and you, they can make mistake while compiling your reports from various sources.

Thus, requesting for a copy of your report often is very important. It will allow you to know what they compile about you. You will be able to discover unfavorable information, request for corrections before they started spreading non-accurate information about you.

When you get a copy of your personal report, determine the status of your credit file. Study the information in it very well and attempt to remove all unfavorable information in it.

All your credit history may not be contained in one file from a firm. So if possible get from other firms too. Some information may be duplicated, or not included in the other file.

You need to note of your full name, social security number, current and previous addresses, spouse’s name, and date of birth and make sure that they are correct because they are points used in identifying you.

Also, make sure that merchants name, credit account number, date opened, date closed, high credit limit, highest amount of credit used, and repayment history are correct, current and accurate.

After studying the file carefully if you notice any error, write out exact error and the way you think it should be listed. You will find a space on the right-hand side of your report where you may protest any item in your report that you feel incorrect.

You will have to attach photocopies along with pertinent information to proof your claim and send it to bureau by mail. When the bureau gets your message they will investigate and send you result of their investigation.

You will have to exercise patience during this period because it may take bureau some time to complete their investigation.

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