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Common Credit Card Debt Settlement Mistakes

Common Credit Card Debt Settlement Mistakes

Paying off your credit card debt can be damaging to your financial status that you often resort to just about any technique or method needed to get out of that trap.

However, you need to methodically analyze your decisions in terms of handling your debt settlement since they can impact your long-term financial status.

Moreover, legal complications could get in the way and that's the least you want to happen with an already escalating credit card debt balance.

If you want a good credit card debt settlement, you must try to avoid any of the following methods or mistakes. Most of them include pointers on what you should avoid if you would not want your credit card debt to continue escalating.

Closing Your Account

Some people become extremely fed up with their credit card debt due to their inability to meet the rising interest rate and debt balance to settle. Therefore, most opt for the easy way out, which is to close their accounts.

While this solves one aspect of your problem, it offers another type of dilemma. Doing so will cause your credit rating to take a massive dip.

Here's a solution that you can try. If you have determined to not want to use the cards, then set it aside.

You need to really fulfill the promise to not use cards in any of your purchases again since it can easily add up to your debts. Meanwhile, make sure to continue settling any other existing credit card debts while you help yourself by not adding more to the damage.

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation is a debt relief option that is already becoming quite popular among people with debt problems. While this has helped few people settle their debts and return to a smoother financial status, it is not always the best option to relieve yourself of debt. If you're not familiar with this method, debt consolidation is when you find a new creditor that will pay off any of your existing multiple debts.

Then, you will now have to settle those accounts through your new creditor. The convenience offered by debt consolidators is that you now have only one debt to settle, as opposed to multiple of them. Plus, negotiating for a low interest rate on your debts are possible but it will extend the life of your loan and payment period.

Of course, these debt consolidators don't do it if there's no benefit for them. Debtors are given up-front fee for some consolidating companies while a statement of having “third party assistance” will be reflected on your credit report.

Paying High Interest Rate

This is an obvious mistake that most debtors often make when trying to settle credit card debts. Since being able to settle all of your debt balance is also in the interest of your credit card company, then you need to negotiate a meeting point when it comes to achieving your interest rate.

Once you have agreed on a lower interest rate, look into making punctual payments to avoid adding more late payment charges on your balance.

Opting To Settle Minimum Balance

This is one mistake that people often make when paying off their credit card bills that often result to rising credit card debts.

When you are using credit card to make purchases, it is easy to believe you have an unlimited pool of money. That is when excessive splurging comes into play that causes unimaginable credit card debts.

If you pay only the minimum balance, your creditors could care less because they will be getting a percentage of interest on that. If you can, try paying double your minimum amount in order to relieve yourself from mounting interest that could really hurt your debt and financial status.

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