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The Top Debt Consolidation Companies

There are a number of large debt consolidation firms operating in the United States. Some specifically cater to people in certain locales while others operate on a nationwide basis-and even have subsidiaries that work overseas.

AmeriDebt is one of these large companies. AmeriDebt is located in Maryland, New York, and Alabama. Of the three companies, only one person--according to the BBB--has reported a complaint. Few people claim that AmeriDebt isn't an honorable debt-counseling corporation. It has never landed in court with judgments against it.

Another one of the leading consumer debt management services is the Federal Credit Unions, which operates in a number of different states. The Unions will assist consumers decide their needs for debt reduction and is a "Non-Profit United Way" credit agency that assists both families and individuals alike. United Way, according to many, is one of the most qualified expert organizations for helping families avoid bankruptcy, judgments, summons, and so forth. The company will assist the families avoid foreclosures and repossessions by working closely with the creditors to merge all accumulated debts into one monthly installment.

The CCCS will also help families and individuals learn how to manage their income. The CCCS houses "Financial Counseling Certified" counselors who work closely with families and individuals, helping them to divert a plan to lower their debts and increase their cash flow. Put differently, instead of going through the changes that some debt consolidation companies go through, the CCCS works to help families and individuals to pull out of debt on their own simply by counseling them. The credit company is associated with "Housing and Urban Development (HUD)," which works to get families homes and to then get them credit support.

Finally, a few organizations are also affiliated with religious organizations, and oftentimes these debt consolidation companies are affiliated with qualified companies that help families and individuals relieve debt.

If you're looking to consolidate debts, you have a number of high-quality, professional options, so shop around and find the deal that is best for your specific needs.

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