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The digital cameras of the modern times are handy, convenient and multifunctional. They have revolutionized the entire world of photography. Now that you have heard enough about digital cameras, you must be planning to choose the one for you. But do you know which digital camera would be the best for you? There are literally thousands of digital camera models, which offer better specifications than each other.

If you are going to get a DigiCam for you, you must know that a wide range of inexpensive digital cameras for domestic as well as professional photography are accessible today. Different digital cameras solve different purposes for you. A number of major companies like Sony, Fuji, Kodak, Olympus and Nikon have some great digital camera offers for you. Basically, you have two types of sensors. They are CCD and CMOS. The CCD is Charged Couple Device.

You will not find any difference in the appearance of a digital camera and a conventional analog camera. The basic difference lies in the use of respective technologies in them. So that you do not find yourself stuck in the middle of a shoot with drained batteries, you should definitely compare digital cameras on battery consumption basis too. Digital cameras are constantly outstanding in their color quality.

A digital camera uses the memory to store the images. You need not insert a roll or film into a digital camera. When you do not have the knowledge on the specifications of the digital cameras, it can be very confusing. There are digital cameras that are priced under $100 from numerous companies. Their resolutions can range from 1.3 mega pixels or less. They have limited features and may not include some high-tech features.

It is important for you to do your homework before going to make a deal for a digital camera. Before buying a digital camera it is essential that you understand your budget, which implies that extent to which you can spend money for buying a digital camera. It is not easy to choose a digital camera. All sorts of bewildering models and brands with several attractive features have hoarded the market. Almost all the major brands such as Fuji, Kodak, Samsung, Olympus, Nikon and HP have their digital cameras available at cost effective prices.

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