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Choose A Market You Re Passionate About And Stay Focussed

Choosing the right market is instrumental to your online success. Itís much more difficult to create a new market than to enter an existing market that is already highly profitable for existing businesses. The good thing about online business is that you can start a new business in a new market without as much overhead and headache as in the real world. If there are many players in a market that is also good because you can see what the best people in your market are doing. You can then offer more value, match and beat their offering and dominate the market. You can switch between a few markets before you find your niche. The only mistake we make is the one we did not learn from. Be tenacious and keep trying. Do something that you are passionate about, you have heard it before but it really is true that you have to give freely before expecting any return. Choose that area that interests you and where you can really benefit other people. Some people may not have a passion and maybe making money is one of them. You can find a product that is useful in that area and promote that.

As for me, my passions are:

Connecting with other young guys
Playing sport, in particular cricket, rugby, soccer and tennis.
Nutrition, eating a balanced diet
Fitness and Health
Spiritual Growth Ė I am a follower of Jesus
Making money
Building profitable websites

These are the areas that Iíll focus on in one way or the other. Itís so important to finish each project that you start. Often another idea will spring into your head before you have finished and you shall be tempted to drop what you are doing and move on, do not. Finish what you started and write down the new idea. This way you can have your current project making money or at least have a chance of while the new idea takes shape. Itís important to have an ideas book where you write all of those million or billion dollar ideas down and choose the best ones to take action on. Choose the ones that excite you the most.

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