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Cyber Land Rush

It's like a "Land Rush!"

As a real estate broker for years, I had always dreamed of having the perfect properties to sell ~ and at the right prices. I spent a small fortune attempting to attract sellers, acquiring licenses, recruiting competent agents, maintaining nice offices, and then ~ to bring in the buyers ~ on advertising.

After being forced to retire from real estate by MS (Multiple Sclerosis), I finally stumbled upon the easiest properties in the world to sell that I'd ever seen: "Domains" in "Cyberspace." Actually, a respected friend, who had never been in real estate, turned me on to it. Best of all, it did not cost me anything to set up my new business.

Okay, after a week I invested $10.00, but I got a domain name property to sell if I ever decide to. Like a land rush, people all over the planet are scrambling to stake their claims on the cyber landscape. I get a picture of homesteaders, in covered wagons stirring up dust, rushing to stake their claims for 160 acres. Everyone it seems wants their own website and once their personal names are gone, they can come up with other great domains, properties which will only appreciate ~ just like real estate.

I guess, some of us have to have been in other businesses to appreciate how really good a business that offering website domains is. Like in any legitimate enterprise, a good business owner should do everything that is possible to see that their customers are satisfied with the product. I can even let my buyers "Move in" for seven days Free to see if they like their new property. I could never do that in the real estate business.

No wonder that customers want to buy up some more "Cyberproperties." It's like a land rush except the homesteaders can stake their claims all over the world without leaving their computers. Click on the Hot Ride link provided in "Remarks" to find out more~without going to Russ' website. Your access code is russmiles.

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