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Many people are confused about how the domain names are used. Does a website come with a domain name? Well, you should be clear about the thing that domain name registration and web hosting both are different services. However, the web hosting company may provide or sell you a domain name with the website, most web hosting companies are not domain registrars, and they take it from another party.

Typically, web hosting companies will take care of the initial domain name registration, they become familiar with the basics of domain name management, can save good amount of money for you. The domain name registrars like and, charge $30 and $15, respectively, per year, per domain name. If you are managing your own domain names, you shall get the biggest payoff, so decide to get more than one domain name.

If you have opened the hosting account using, suppose Then you add on, the ‘parked’ or ‘mirror’ domain names, and Parked or mirror domains are not different websites, they point to an existing website, The main trouble is that some hosting companies would charge you setup or monthly fees for the parked domains. You can manage the domain names yourself and can avoid all the ‘parking’ fees, but you should also shop around a better deal on the names.

Domain management basics start with the two fundamental methods of directing domain names to the website. This is the process that gets a surfer from the browser to the website, it involves a mechanism that takes the surfer to the domain name registrar and then to the website. The journey from the registrar to the website can be executed by one of two methods ‘pointing’ or ‘forwarding’. This is your choice to use from the different methods.

However, the menus for setting up these features vary from the registrar to registrar, and the concepts are also same. ‘Pointing’ involves assigning a ‘Domain name Server’, DNS address, obtained from the hosting company, to the domain name On the other hand, ‘Forwarding,’ also known as ‘redirecting,’ works differently. If you want to set up for the website rather than using DNS method, you would be forwarded to that would already be pointing to the website.

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