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Playa del Carmen Condo - Off the grid?
by Thomas Lloyd

How do you imagine life "off the grid?" In the middle of a forest, in a bazaar looking home that once belonged to someone who looked like a lumberjack? Try this; a beautiful, comfortable condo in a nice gated community near the beachfront, with all services close by!

In the Playa del Carmen condo market, the idea is growing little by little that a high-quality development can actually function off the grid, or at least in a hybrid system!

So far, only a few developments are beginning to experiment with the idea, but they show high promise of being successful combining the concept of sustainability with comfortable condos that are very appealing to buyers used to a high standard of living.

Some of the features being introduced include:

Wind turbines to produce electric power

Solar panels (photovoltaic cells) also to produce electric power

Rain water capture to use in watering lawns and gardens

Natural Vegetation retention for garden and green areas.

Tree and plant salvaging to re-plant within the development

In addition to limiting power use from non-renewable sources, reducing pollution and keeping the air clean and fresh on a very local level, these items also help to reduce utility bills, actually helping residents save money.

Most developments implementing these measures combine them with public utility services to ensure comfort and convenience; in any case, the amount of resources used from the public utilities is reduced greatly. In the case of electricity, this is important for finances, since the government of Mexico heavily subsidizes the lower portion of electricity use (the first 250 KWh); with sustainable, off-the-grid power generation, city electricity usage can easily be kept below or very near this level.

One example of a new development implementing this "hybrid" system is La Escondida, a Mexican retirement community in Playa del Carmen which allows residents of all ages. As a boutique community, it offers a high level of lifestyle with many services and activities on site. Residents do not notice that this community functions at partly "off the grid;" it is a comfortable, pleasant gated community.

Other features focused on environment protection being introduced in various developments are:

Recycling programs

Green transportation

Car-free areas

If you are interested in a lifestyle contributing to preserving the environment, but doing so comfortably and easily in a beachfront community, consider a Playa del Carmen condo of this sort.

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