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Is Solar Cost Really Affordable Yet?
by Johnny McKay

Does It Make Sense To Use An Alternative Energy Source now?

How about you, would you install a Solar Energy System if, you thought you could not only save money but, get a lot of other benefits as well? There is a lot of talk out there, about Solar and Wind Power but, nobody seems to have made it Affordable. What other ways can you see to cut down on the usage of fossil fuel?

When those huge winter time utility bills come in, it makes a person stop and think about how nice it would be if, you could have a home that had its own self contained power source, doesn't it? Besides the additional value it would add to your home, it would make your house a lot easier to sell, don't you think? I know, if I were looking for a new home and had a choice between one that had an alternative power system installed, and one without, I would pay quite a bit more for the one with the energy system.

The government has recently done a total 180 degree flip flop on the issue of Renewable Energy. Undoubtedly the reason is the Government is finally starting to listen to what the people want. Some extraordinary things are beginning to happen now. One of these happenings, a Government sponsored event, occurred in New York just recently, in an effort to harvest ideas from the best and brightest young minds (mostly college students) on how to make harnessing the energy of the sun cost effective. This is reminiscent of the same strategy successfully used, in the Manhattan Project during world war II, when creating the A bomb.

It was certainly exciting to me, when I discovered there is an affordable good solution to going green for the average guy. The affordability secret is a (do it yourself) energy system. Finally at last, there are some how to plans that are very easy to follow. They are so simple that you don't have to be a carpenter, mechanic or a left brainer to figure them out, almost anyone can.

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