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Wind and Solar Power Energy Solutions
by Mike Sullivan

Power and fuel costs are just starting to skyrocket, and they are only going to get higher as the shortage of oil gets worse and demand goes up. Conserving energy is our next priority as a nation, but we can also go one step further to ensure that we never face an energy crisis again - start to create our own renewable energy. Solar power and wind power at home is becoming a common thing and it is becoming very cheap, especially if you create your own solar and wind power generators.

Solar and wind solutions will help you eliminate your power bill and help the environment. They will also save you from power outages.

Wind power works best when the following is true:

- Your property is about an acre in size or bigger, or building around your property aren't very tall.

- The wind speed in your area is on average 11 miles per hour or higher. Slow wind speeds simply won't generate enough electricity.

- Your house needs a lot of uninterrupted power supply. Combating those power outages is easy with the pollution-free wind power systems. You need no longer worry about a break in your work because of a power uncertainty.

A typical wind power system comprises a tower and wind blades to churn out wind energy. The length of the wind tower varies depending on the location of your house. You may need a longer tower if you are in low-wind zone; you can work with a shorter tower if you live by the beach.

The spinning energy of the blades is converted into useful electricity by a motor inside the wind turbine. This electricity can be used to power your household appliances. If you use batteries, you can get off the grid completely or just store energy for later in case of a power blackout. If you stay on the grid, your power company will pay you for energy generated that you didn't use!

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