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It is a fact in today's world. Most people use cell phones and have left their landline phones at the curb. Because of all this, people are looking online for cell phone numbers like never before. Most people use their cellular phone in place of their landline, and have often done away with the landline all together.

It has not taken long for the average consumer to be winged off of their landline. You can now call anywhere in the country for one low price typically and not have to worry about having huge phone bills come in the mail. Typically with cell phones, you can call anywhere in the country as it was a local call.

Reverse cell phone lookup will help you find who those numbers belong to. It can really come in handy even if you miss the call or just wonder if someone is giving you their real number. You can also see if their number is in their name or are they using someone's name. If they have a history of not paying their bills on time, it could very well be that they have it in someone else's name, or it could be a prepaid phone. You generally will not find any information on prepaid phones.

So you are wanting to find out who is calling you, was it a hot date, a potential employer or maybe a long lost relative. You can find out exactly who it was with a simple search on a reverse cell phone lookup website. You most often will have to pay for this information, but their are places you can get it for free, you will just need to put the number into your favorite search engine and find out what comes up.

If you are wanting to find out information about a prepaid cell phone, you may just be out of luck on that one. Most prepaid phones do not have names attatched to them and will take the resources of the local police or federal government to find out who it belongs to. It can be done but it will be outside of teh scope of what you can do. Go ahead, plug the number in your favorite search engine, you may be surprised what pops up. -- About the Author Hekktor Nasintino operates the site cell phone search start your research there. He also owns the site reverse phone searches
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