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Unlocked Cell Phone What Is It?

These days, many cell phones use what is known as a SIM card. This SIM card is a microchip which stores use data and is issued by a carrier. The SIM card provides service for the cell phone through the activation of the cell phone for that SIM card. However, a cell phone that is locked will only acknowledge a SIM card that is from a certain carrier. But, if it is an unlocked cell phone, it will recognize the SIM card from another carrier. In other words, a locked cell phone uses software to ensure that the user can only use a single phone carrier.

In the US where carriers offer deeply discounted or free cell phones with cell plans, the cell phones are usually locked to prevent them from working with any other carrier. The phone carriers claim this is needed in order to help defray the cost of the cell phones. After some time, a carrier may agree to unlock the cell phone upon request and sometimes charge a fee. But, as a result of the settings that are proprietary and sometimes installed on locked handsets, the cell phone may not function correctly with another carrier, even after it has been unlocked.

From the consumers point of view, the practice of carriers using settings that are proprietary and who lock cell phones defeats the numerous of the benefits of a SIM handset. In the best situation, cell phones should either be unlocked following the expiration of the initial contract or be left unlocked altogether.

There is a way to get an unlocked cell phone that doesn't have the proprietary setting which is to purchase a new unlocked cell phone from a third party vendor. However, the disadvantage of this is that the cell phone is usually priced close to full retail value. It can be a difficult decision to purchase an expansive cell phone or get one for free with a plan.

There is such a demand for cell phones that are unlocked that there are some third party services who will unlock your cell phone for a small fee. However, keep in mind that this won't guarantee that the cell phone will work properly because the proprietary settings might still be in place. In addition, there are hacking instructions that are available on the Internet to unlock numerous models of cell phones, however, a cell phone that has been incorrectly unlocked might be rendered inoperable. -- About the Author Click here to find unlocked cell phone and buy unlocked iphone.
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