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cell phone battery, cell phone charger, cell phone headset When we go to buy a cell phone, whether it is a base model or a gizmo, we immediately check  the quality of battery, the longevity after  charging and safety.  Some cell phones come with battery  with low life hence you will to keep your charger ready.  Whereas some cell phones come with charging frequency of more than 24 hours.  When we talk about the safety,  we came across many  instances of cell hone battery exploding in the face or near the ear,  causing sometimes irreparable damage   When we are satisfied with the looks and features, we should also give same importance to the quality  of batteries.  For, like any other product, cell phone duplicate batteries are also available in the grey market which costs much less than the original but the chances of these duplicates tearing your ear drums are more.

And the chargers.  The chargers come in different shapes of charging slots.  Some clip type, some pin type and some flat type. Depending upon the manufacturer. The charger of one cell phone  may not be suitable to other cell phone.  Hence the manufacturers give a suitable charger with cell phone.

Good news is that to avoid discarding the old charger every time you change  your  mobile phone, (which results in environmental hazardous waste) manufacturers are coming with a charger of common design (Micro USB Connector) for all cell phones  thus making the buyer happy and reducing the impact on nature. (40)

And the cell phone handset.  The cell phone has become part of our body and mind.  We feel lost without a phone.  The spread of cell phones  into remote areas, has made our lives comfortable.  We  get connected immediately and  communicate within our comfortable abodes.

The cell phones every day  are going for  charger for better with added features.  First it was only to communicate.  Now we have cell phones with MP3,  a camera, SMSing,  voice recording, calculator, games FM Radio and in some models a TV as well .

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