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A few years ago, constantly having a map of the world at your fingertips seemed impossible. However, today it is a common amenity. Using cell phone GPS people with navigation systems in their phone can directions to anywhere. In addition, GPS in cell phones provides assistance for police and investigators during emergency 911 and missing person situations. This modern development continues to gain popularity.

When it was first developed, it was done so for the use of the federal government. Now, however, GPS has leaked into the everyday lives of ordinary citizens. As phones, when turned on, constantly release signals, GPS can track them even when a call is not in progress. GPS receivers pick up the signal, and tell the user the location, direction, and speed of the cell phone.

Although there is another way, besides GPS, to track cell phones, cell phone GPS is much more accurate. GPS can track a cell phone within 5 meters. The other method, however, called triangulation, is sometimes tens of meters off. This is because, unlike GPS, which sends out signals from its exact location, triangulation works by determining which three cell phone towers to which the phone is closest. The accuracy of GPS has greatly in its popularity.

Because of the pinpoint accuracy of cell phone GPS, it is now used to assist in both missing person situations and 911 calls. When a person goes missing, if his or her cell phone is left on, the phone can be traced using GPS, thus aiding in the investigation. Because most cell phones these days have GPS capabilities, when a 911 call is made from them it sends the phone's GPS information to the 911 operator. These two uses of cell phone GPS have helped, and continue to help, save lives.

In recent years, due to the compact size of cell phones, cell phone navigation systems, such as VZ Navigator, brought to us by Verizon Wireless, have become very popular. Systems like these give the user access to various maps, and, when two locations are entered into the phone, show directions from one place to the next. In today's fast paced, technological world, such a small, yet advanced tool has gained a lot of positive notoriety.

GPS in cell phones has seen major growth over the past few years. Its extremely helpful and convenient features have brought GPS from the government into the everyday lives of ordinary people. This change in scenery has aided in the greatly increasing popularity of GPS. Because of this popularity, GPS will, very likely, continue to see growth in its features and usability in the near future.

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