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Finding Cell Phones When You Have Bad Credit

Most cell phone companies have come out with two different types of billing. The first is prepaid, and the other is continuous billing. With prepaid plans, you buy your minutes beforehand and you can use them until they run out.

If you sign up for a plan that uses continuous billing, it will work more like a credit card account. The cell phone provider allows you to use the service each month and sends you a bill. As long as you pay your bill, you can keep using the service.

If your credit isn't great, that means that bills haven't been paid on time. This poses a risk to the provider, so they won't be super willing to offer you an account without covering some of their bases.

To qualify for a credit-type account, you will probably need to have a credit score of at least 630. Some of the providers will want to see a score that's even higher. If you don't have the credit, they will probably ask you for a significant deposit.

After you give the cell phone company a deposit, they will allow you to get a regular credit-type plan. While this type of account will have some restrictions, you will be able to use your phone normally.

If you don't feel like putting down a large deposit, or if you don't have the money to, you could opt for the prepaid option. You have to buy the phone and the minutes beforehand, but you are then able to use the phone until your minutes run out.

Since the cell phone company doesnt really take on risk with the prepaid option, you can get easily get this option even if you have terrible credit. In fact, the cell phone company wont check your credit if you choose this option.

Since every major provider out there provides both of these options, all you have to do is choose which one you want. Call the provider, talk about your options, and enjoy your new cell phone. -- About the Author Candace helps people to learn about cell phones bad credit. You can find more of her advice about mobile phones by visiting her site.
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