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Why Thousands Of Individual Content Publishers Are Set To Join The Millionaires Club

In the next few years, some of the wealthiest people in the world will be created - and do you know what they will have in common? They'll all be content publishers.

In this article, we discuss the potential in this industry, whether you really can be a one-man publisher, which niches are best suited for content and what you need in order to get started.

Why Individual Content Publishers Are Generating Returns That Border On The Realms Of Fantasy.

There's two things you must keep in mind. First, we live in the information age, and nothing is more topical or in-demand in this era than quality information. Second, over the past decade people have moved onto the internet in their millions - and what's the internet all about? That is right - information.

This is exactly why online content publishers are supremely placed to take advantage of the massive information boom that we are experiencing today. You see, information as a "product" is a beauty. It has a near 100% pro-fit margin, and with the technology today it's possible for content publishers to employ numerous different in-come models to suit the market & prospect. Where once we only had standard affiliate programs, we now have a suite of monetisation options such as contextual (Adsense), pay-per-lead and so on.

How To Pick A Niche That is Perfectly Suited To Information?

If only you could just pick any old niche, set-up a site and watch the green roll in eh? I am afraid it is not quite as simple as that and one of the most fatal mistakes aspiring content publishers make is in choosing the wrong niche to publish their content sites in. Even a really good content site in a poor niche will fail, while a terrible one in a red-hot niche will flourish. It's sad but true.

Want to know the three niches that are the best I've ever seen for content publishers? The ones where a simple content or blog can generate truly sensational yields? Internet marketing is NOT one of them (it is not bad, just not a top-five niche). In my view, the best three are:

- Finance & investment
- Real estate
- Travel

The reason for this lies mainly in the way that monetisation is possible within these niches. For example, finance & investment has some big ticket affiliate programs where commissions of $600+ per sale are not unheard of.

Travel is perfectly suited to Adsense while real estate has some fantastic pay per lead opportunities (this is when you get paid everytime a visitor does something like download a free ebook or fill out a free application form - the beauty being your visitor does not need to pay anything for you to get a commission).

What Do You Need To Get Started With Content Publishing Immediately?

We've seen the potential, and the importance of cherry-picking only the most lucrative markets. Now comes the process of actually setting up the content website. Here are your basic options:

(a) If you are technically sound and have enough time you can do this from scratch using a html editor like Frontpage.

(b) If you have the resources, you can hire a web-designer to create & publish your sites for you.

(c) Invest in a point & click type content publishing tool. The advantage here is you do not need any coding knowledge and the tool allows you to create search engine friendly pages and easily add in advanced features like RSS feeds, opt in form creation, affiliate code integration and so on.

The really exciting thing is that individuals like you and I are becoming wealthy beyond their wildest imaginiation by setting up as content publishers and developing websites & blogs that continue to bring in residual incomes while they focus on the next project. And they are doing it on their laptops at home, while watching MTV.

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