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Save Pool Heating Costs By A Solar Pool Cover

A solar pool cover not only will save on air pollution that is the result of fossil fuel burning, but it will also help you to save on swimming pool function expenses.

Most types of solar pool cover are designed as plastic bubbles. This type of solar pool cover is frequently known as a solar blanket.

A solar pool cover serves numerous important purposes. These include:

1. A solar pool cover is one of the most effective ways to save on heating expense of the swimming pool since they collect heat from the sunlight and transfer that heat to the swimming pool water

2. A solar pool cover will help you to save on energy usage that is necessary in order to produce water that is suitably heated for swimming

3. A solar pool cover will help you save on the amount of water that is required in the swimming pool as a result of evaporation. As much as 70% of loss of heat from a swimming pool is the result of moisture that evaporates. In windy and dry conditions the evaporation rate will continue to increase without a solar pool cover.

4. A solar pool cover will help you to save on maintenance of the swimming pool since the cover will protect the swimming pool from debris such as leaves.

5. A solar pool cover will help you to save on use of chemicals as a result of the light filtration system that the solar pool cover provides.

A solar pool cover is available in numerous colors, sizes, and shapes and various strengths and qualities of materials that are used in their construction. A solar pool cover is very economical when compared to the alternatives which are more expensive.

A solar pool cover reel will make the removal of your solar pool cover easy and you might want to purchase one. All suppliers of solar pool covers or blankets will have them available.

It should also be noted that an energy saving solar pool cover isn't intended to be a safety cover and should not be used as such. A pool net is required to cover the top of the solar cover if you want both safety and solar features. Other secure features that you should consider for the total pool safety of pool users, such as your family, is a safety pool fences. -- About the Author Click here for more information about above ground pool covers and solar pool cover
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