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How A Residential Wind Turbine Can Cut Your Electric Bill

Interested in saving up to 50 to 90 percent off your normal electricity bill? A residential wind turbine is what you need to start saving big on electricity.

Wind Turbines Can Help You Save Electricity

Using your standard fuel, or fossil fuels, could be potentially dangerous to the climate, and could cause a lot of pollution, aside from costing a lot. It's easy to get stressed thinking about these different factors. Media hype can even contribute to intensifying people's fears. Here are some things to consider about alternative forms of energy, like wind power.

A lot have mentioned wind power as a popular, and renewable alternative. By pushing the wind and its natural energy into a generator located inside a wind turbine, it generates a considerable amount of energy. This is a form of energy that is clean, with none of the polluting agents of fossil fuels, and can be produced as long as wind is existent - practically forever. You may be wondering if this is reason enough to start building turbines at home. Not at all.

No longer do you have to worry about your electric bills, because wind power is much cheaper and very safe and earth-friendly as well. You can reap the benefits with a residential wind turbine. These small, yet powerful wind turbines are capable of providing power for one home each. You can enjoy full power from a residential wind turbine that would be good for potentially all your electricity needs. It's easy to see how much energy you have consumed, as the generator is hooked up to the utility grid,.

Many people are intimidated by the very sound of the word "turbine". It can also remind people of the noise normal turbines can make. This does not apply during small winds. In fact, the wind turbine will still be more or less quiet. You have different sizes of turbine to choose from, but the best one would be about 3 to 5 feet from tip of propeller to the other.

Height can matter quite a lot when setting up your residential wind turbine. In order to make energy available, a wind turbine would need to go about 10 miles per hour or more. Wind isn't too easy to find at low heights, so you'll need to have the turbine located 20 feet or more above ground. You will need to be aware of the wind statistics in your location in order to avoid going through this inconvenience.

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