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The Pros Cons Of Working From Home

The advantages of working from home are numerous and the benefits are plenty. You get freedom, work life balance and the ability to take care of your spouse & family. It is also better from an environmental point of view:

No stress driving from work & home
More efficient
Dress as you please, no more traffic jams & less stress.
Use your time more productively
Learn how to cook, and no more visits to fast food outlets
Less stress
More time to exercise
Reduced stress benefits
No rates or rents
One cannot hold a business meeting at home
Noisy children
Wife / partner asks you to get messages
Family does not believe you are in work mode
Partner wants control of the "house"
Uninvited guests
Children's friends
Working from home is not ideal for many types of jobs

If you work for a large company, you can often achieve a compromise solution whereby you work a few days at home and attend the office a couple of days a week. This allows you attend important meetings at the work place and still avoid the traffic jams on most days of the week!

New Technology

With the advent of broadband, web cams & unlimited calls from your phone, working from home has never been easier. Large companies nowadays are more results oriented then counting hours that employees have worked. Most employees will tend to work longer hours when they do not have to clock in.

What kind of work can you do working from home?

1) Create an internet web business. Always choose the niche you are knowledgeable in, and focus 100% on your target market. Do not try and please everybody. Aim for a highly specialised field and become an expert.

2) Turn your hobby into a business. As an example - if you like collecting stamps, you could always start trading in stamps via online auctions like EBay.

3) Write for other websites and online offline publications.

There will be needs in you communities that are currently not being met. Find out what they are and try and meet them!

Do you work from home? What do you think the advantages & disadvantages are working from home?

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