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As the camera companies have flooded the market with a large stock of digital cameras, the confusion and tension on the right selection of a camera have also built up. What is a digital camera? A digital camera is the photographic piece of equipment that records the photographic images in a digital format. The modern digital cameras are so small that they can easily be slipped into the pocket.

The advanced versions of the point and shoot digital cameras are the semi professional digital cameras. Digital cameras clearly enjoy a striking edge over all the other traditional cameras. Each and every Sony digital camera has a compatible battery available in the market.

Virtually all the famous digital camera manufacturers offer models with a vast array of functions and features. If you want a camera for professional photography, compare the digital cameras ranging from 6 megapixels to 8 megapixels. Noise in digital SLR cameras is much less than grain. You can compare the different cameras on various factors. At ISO 100 and 200, the digital SLR cameras exhibit no visible noise.

Commonly, people presume that the larger is the number of mega pixels in a digital camera, the clearer the image is. The cost of digital cameras is determined due to a number of megapixels they offer. The big brands like Kodak, Concord and Oregon have inexpensive digital cameras in the range of $50 to $100 for you. These cameras have 2 to 4 mega pixels.

You need to give a close look to the digital cameras with in a range of $100 to $200. The digital cameras available in this range are perfect for many photography purposes. If you understand the various digital camera prices then it will be easy for you to find the best camera. You can get a multi Mega Pixel digital camera for as little as $100. If you just want to click some snap shots at home, these cameras are in fact the best pick for you. There are digital cameras that are priced under $100 from numerous companies. Their resolutions can range from 1.3 mega pixels or less. They have limited features and may not include some high-tech features.

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