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What's New In Body Worn Cameras

When it comes to body worn cameras, there are as many different types and styles available as you can imagine. They can be as large as a shoulder bag or backpack or as small as a button worn on a shirt or jacket, so that regardless of how secret you need your body worn cameras to be, the technology is there to support it.

But not all body worn cameras are used just for secretly viewing or taping someone or something that is currently happening. There is a type of fiber optic technology that can be used not for finding all kinds of things from bugs to clogs to broken parts. This camera is actually a flexible cable that comes complete with its own light source and it can fit into a hole as tiny as a quarter inch in diameter. Regardless if you have to see down a drain, inside an engine, behind a wall or through an old fashioned keyhole, this is the device for you.

One of the most popular versions of a body worn camera is one that is secreted within a shoulder bag. Police departments and television stations commonly use this particular type of bag across the country. Body worn cameras also come available in convenient backpacks, which are so commonly used today by both kids and adults that no one thinks twice about them.

Another commonly seen item is the traditional baseball cap. Body worn cameras are cleverly concealed inside them and come with enough cable that they easily attach to a body worn DVR.

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