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The camera industry and the camera market have suddenly found themselves earning good profits by developing digital cameras. Purchasing a digital camera can be quiet an arduous task. Making choice between so many digital cameras in the market is a cumbersome process. The advanced versions of the point and shoot digital cameras are the semi professional digital cameras.

The ultra compact digital cameras are as small as a credit card. Sometimes just an inch thick. Yet you shall find all the advanced features like digital zoom and LCD with them. Do you know which digital camera would be the best for you? Do you know how many megapixels and which lens type would suit you? The first thing to look out while shopping around for a digital camera is the number of mega pixels.

There are two types inbuilt zoom in a digital camera - optical zoom and digital zoom. A Mega pixel is equal to one million pixels. Pixels are the small squares that build up an image. Every pixel has a pre-defined color. The more mega pixels a camera has, the bigger the picture you are going to get. Samsung Digital Cameras Leading the Digital Convergence Revolution. SAMSUNG is a name that stands high among all the leading brands of consumer electronics today.

Digital cameras are constantly outstanding in their color quality. You need to give a close look to the digital cameras with in a range of $100 to $200. The digital cameras available in this range are perfect for many photography purposes. It is not easy to choose a digital camera. All sorts of bewildering models and brands with several attractive features have hoarded the market.

If you decide what quality of resolution you have to buy, your digital camera purchase will be absolutely fine. The cost of digital cameras is determined due to a number of megapixels they offer. You can get a multi Mega Pixel digital camera for as little as $100. If you just want to click some snap shots at home, these cameras are in fact the best pick for you. You can get some of the best digital cameras on the discounted rates.

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