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Purpose For Car Wax

There are more people that do not know the reasons for waxing a car. There are even fewer people that actually get their car waxed or do it themselves. There are several different reasons for this. Many consumers do not know that waxing their cars can keep them looking new. Other people believe that they do not have to use car wax because it has a clear coat on it.

The problem is the actual purpose of car wax gets lost in the translation of what really happens. In the past wax used to be used to maintain the color of cars.The colors of cars transformed over time without wax. In modern times cars stay glossy due to the extra level of protection of car wax offers.

The problem with the clear coat is that its a reflective layer of paint that is super thin. Clear coat is only a very thin layer of paint that is reflective. With it being so thin it causes every little imperfection to stand out like a bad hair day. So if a car does not get washed and waxed on a regular basis it will begin to look dull from the elements of the world like acid rain.

The Florida panhandle was found to have more air pollution above any specific area of any other state. With any amount of pollution there is a certain amount of acid rain. They found out that the rain was just as acidic as orange juice and coke. Think about if someone spilled coke on your car. There is no way you would just leave it there. You would take your car to go get washed. The same concept applies for car wax. The car wax gives the car the protection from those dangers.

There is one last way to look at the reality of washing and waxing. Think about yourself going to the beach. What do you usually do when you get to the beach? You are probably like everyone else and put sunscreen on your skin so you do not burn. The same thing applies for your car as the car wax protects your car just as sunscreen protects you.

For the average person who does not know where to go for the best deal on car wax they can look online. There are car wax stores online that offer strictly car wax along with your normal name brand stores. The specialty stores are not only easy to find but they usually have the best deal for consumers that are looking for car wax. By looking online you will be sure to find the best price on car wax for the type of wax you need.


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