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If you are a professional user, you would be looking for a digital camera which can bring real time quality to your images. The ultra compact digital cameras are as small as a credit card. Sometimes just an inch thick. Yet you shall find all the advanced features like digital zoom and LCD with them. As your needs and requirements of a digital camera would be different from your photographer friend, you should categorize your needs of a camera in different forms.

If you enjoy photography as a hobby, the point and shoot digital cameras are the best ones for you. One of the major advantages of digital cameras is that you can take as many pictures as you want at any point of time. Digital photographs do not pass through any negative stage, which is one of the reasons why the picture results from the digital cameras are always better than the photos developed from the prints.

If you are a serious photographer then a superior resolution is a must for your digital camera. Today you can find a digital camera ranging from 2 megapixels to 12 megapixels. Optical zoom is the physical movement of the lens, where as, the digital zoom is the electronic magnification of the image by the camera chip.

Noise in digital SLR cameras is much less than grain. You can compare the different cameras on various factors. At ISO 100 and 200, the digital SLR cameras exhibit no visible noise. You can get a multi Mega Pixel digital camera for as little as $100. If you just want to click some snap shots at home, these cameras are in fact the best pick for you. Today, if you want to buy a digital camera, then you would get completely lost on which one to buy.

There are four major factors that contribute directly to the making of the best digital camera. If you know them and understand their basics, then making the good deal is not that difficult. Before buying a digital camera it is essential that you understand your budget, which implies that extent to which you can spend money for buying a digital camera. You should ask yourself why exactly you need a camera and what you are looking for in the digital camera. While purchasing the camera, be sure that you know how much pixels you want in your digital camera.

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