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Would You Like To Use Wind To Power Your House?

World leaders and environmentalists are singing the praises of the future of wind generated power. Countries around the globe are investing in new technologies and considering wind farms both on and off shore. The United States, Great Britain, and Australia are just three such countries committed to realizing the benefits of wind generated power.

Offshore wind farms are literally farms of large wind turbines lined in rows much like an agricultural fruit or nut farm. The turbines are placed in relatively shallow water close to shore to minimize costs and allow a connection with land power lines to deliver the energy. Onshore wind generating power farms already populate rural plains in the United States. California has had wind farms for over 30 years. The power generated by wind is an addition to other sources of power. Because wind on land is intermittent it is not ideal for complete power production.

The United Kingdom has taken steps to map a future powered by off shore wind farms. The shelved sea floor off the coast of Great Britain is ideal for the placement of turbines. Massive off shore wind farms have not been built in the U.S. yet. However, the topography of the ocean floor surrounding the United States might be a limiting factor. Gigantic underwater canyons and steep drops will be keeping wind farms off of the U.S. pacific coast.

Off shore wind power generation is more consistent than onshore wind turbines because winds at sea are more consistent, stronger, and the turbines can be much larger. However, offshore wind generated power is only one piece of the wind power puzzle. Benefits of onshore power farms are sources of income for landowners, tax benefits, and job creation.

Wind power has the capacity to produce more than 100 billion kilowatt hours worldwide yearly. The main hindrance to this wind generated power technologies lies in the cost of the turbines. The rate at which the turbines pay themselves off however is faster than any other power producing mechanism.

Interest in wind power is global. Denmark, Australia, India and even Morocco already have wind farms generating portions of their countries power. Many experts in alternative fuels believe that wind power will be an excellent option for fostering independence in developing nations.

The world is finally seeing major movement with alternative energy solutions with new U.S. President Obama. More money is going to be allocated to funding alternative energy projects and many jobs will be created. Wind energy will generate almost 5 jobs for every 1 mega watt of energy installed through wind farms. -- About the Author Is wind power the way for you to be power self sufficient? Some parts of the world have sufficient reliable wind to generate sufficient electricity to serve everyones requirements.
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