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Home Built Wind Generator - Roll Your Own And Reduce Your Bills

It may sound outlandish to dictch your utility company but some people are realy considering this as an option. There primary reason is to save money but there are many other reasons too.

Electricity bills go up and the rate at which they inflate seems to be breaking all previous records. Whether there are genuine supply and demand reasons for this increase or other factors like greed or politics behind it all, the truth remains that people are warming to alternatives. One such alternative is a home built wind generator

Why a Home Built Wind Generator?

Simply put, why not ? Here are some of the advantages

Upon installing your wind generator, you have a pretty much maintenance free source of free energy. Sounds like a good reason to me, however there are a few caveats. You need to be situated in an area that gets an adequate amount of wind. You also need a plot of spare land on your property to locate the turbine.

Kits Vs Home Grown

The growing trend toward alternative forms of energy has caused a great interest in the home built wind generator, so much so that you can buy do-it-yourself kits. These kits include all of the parts needed to assemble one wind turbine which will generate the power, as long as there is adequate wind of course. You can also build your own completely from scratch and this require a bit more ingenuity as well as knowledge of electronics and mechanics.

Anyone with simple DIY skills will be able to erect a home built wind turbine from a kit. It's not only good for your utility bills but an interesting project to take on. Prices will differ based on the size of the turbine.

For the home built wind generator made from scratch, there are a number of books as well as websites which feature schematics for different models and sizes. The rotor blades can be fashioned out of wood, metal and even PVC and the motors can be found in a variety of places.

It is all a matter of your mechanical and electrical abilities as well as craftiness in substituting materials. However, hopefully the end result is a home built wind generator that actually produces a little energy.

For most people, a home built wind generator will be used to supplement their existing grid power. It may provide enough power to run some of your kitchen appliances each month. This can knock a bit off your energy bills.

Having a wind generator is also better for the environment and puts less reliance on dwindling fossil fuels. -- About the Author If you are looking for a well priced portable generator then visit discount portable generators where you will find cheap home electric wind generator
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