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Building Your Own Solar Panels
by Owen Jones

Everyone these days is conscious of the issues of climate change, or as the boffins used to call it, global warming. It appears that even those people who call themselves experts do not know what is taking place. It is not very encouraging. However, what everybody does know, even without so-called expert advice, is that: the rate that we are using fossil fuel up is untenable; that that means that prices will rise and that it looks like the West is on the slippery slope.

So, what can we do about it? People are looking for guidance and help to reduce their dependency on traditional sources of energy like the national power grid and the petrol station, but the people that are in charge of these resources are loath to give any real advice in case they lose their hold on society. People are starting to want to make themselves less reliant on the customary power suppliers and would like to go it alone. Regrettably, most people do not know where to turn for guidance, but they have some imprecise idea about putting up their own solar panels.

However, without any easily understandable government financial support or recommendations, people are struggling to do their best alone. And the fact is that the professional installation of your own solar panels is expensive. It costs thousands of Dollars, Euros or Pounds, wherever you are, which is why many people are looking into a do-it-yourself (DIY) solar energy system.

Sadly, without the appropriate guidance, home-made solar panels will scarcely power a low energy light bulb in the midday sun. A better way is to buy a self-assembly kit from a reputable company and put it together yourself, following their instructions. After all, we all know that the labour element of any job is often equal to or more than the cost of the components being fitted. These kits come with everything you have to have to install your own solar panels.

These self assembly solar power packages are well put together and the instructions are normally well written and easy to understand. However, it is worth buying from one of the better known, big companies like GE, although you can do this from a website that specializes in home sustainable energy systems.

You might like to turn the assembly of a couple of your own solar power units into a family venture, because that will teach the younger members of the family about how valuable energy conservation is and introduce them to electronics.

These home solar panel systems are wholly expandable, so you do not have to deprive yourself of that new dishwasher, although the fact is that modern appliances are using less power than their older equivalents did.

Just imagine if you had a bank of your own solar panels and you became 50% independent of the national grid. And then you put in a few more panels when you had the time and eventually became totally independent of the grid! And then you began adding a few more and were actually selling electricity back into the grid. It is all possible when you have your own solar panels.

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